Your choice - alone or together!

Your choice - alone or together!

You can successfully lose weight on your own. But our FigureFriends participants have often said that success is easier with support around you. Of course it is your personal decision whether to include your close ones to your weight loss jorney and how much support you ask. Most important thing is that you are happy with the situation.

But what to do if you get less from your dear ones than you expect?

There are some thoughts how to make your family and friends excited about your new lifestyle!


Together with family through the tough times. If you reset your eating patterns and move more, you are not only doing good to yourself, but also change your family's everyday life with your example.

Exercising together. Walks, ice skating, skiing or swimming in pool can be more enjoyable together and bring variaty and joy in life. It's a good opportunity to spend free time together, especially in autumn and winter, when choices for exciting hobbies is limited and lot of time is spent indoors.

Together with childer. Cooking with children is the best way to teach them about healthy nutrition. For example prepare a healthy fruit salad or plan a light festive dinner.

Joint decisions. Every day one member of the family chooses their favorite recipe from FigureFriends menu list.

Making compromise. If your children at least try some of the healthy food, maybe a few spoonful of vegetable soup, then allow them their favourite food once a week.

Love goes through your stomach is a saying probably known to everyone, best described by a true story: "Actually I joined FigureFriends unknowingly. One of my friends made FigureFriendly meals everytime she invited us for dinner without saying anything to anyone. I liked these foods so much that when she finally did tell us, I joined FigureFriends. We lived through highs and lows and by motivating each other we reached our goal weight together."


Joint activities make people closer and make reaching your goal always much easier.

Let's support our dear ones, because together is easier!


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