FigureFriends Food Pyramid

FigureFriends Food Pyramid


VEGETABLES, LEGUMES, MUSHROOMS - fresh, steamed or boiled - eat every day to get different vitamins, minerals and fibers. Quantity-wise vegetables should make up most of your daily food intake.

FRUITS, BERRIES AND JUICES - give vitamins, and add vitality with plant-based nutritients and fast energy. Also fresh full juice is good.

GRAIN, CEREAL AND POTATO - essential for everyday energy supply. Fibers in those foods keep your stomach full and enhance your health.

MEAT, FISH, EGGS - give body lots of essential amino acids that are needed for building cells. At the same time, foodstuff from animal origin can contain lots of hidden fats. Prefer low-fat meat and dairy products.

DAIRY PRODUCTS - needed every day to give body much needed calcium.

OILS, FATS, NUTS, SEEDS - needed in small quantities. Use cold-pressed oils, low-fat salad dressing or margarine in salads, frying or as sandwich spread.

SWEETS, ALCOHOL - also containes refined grain products. Consume rarely, not every day.