Figure Friends App

Figure Friends App

  Figure Friends App is a great application for losing weight - it's available both for IPhone and Android! 

 Today when people are in a hurry, this easy and userfriendly app is valuable in helping to keep eating under control. Using this app daily is really simple, just choose the food you are about to eat, drag and drop it on your virtual plate and get instant feedback. Amazing!

 Tracking daily nutrition and exercise has never been so playfully easy! To facilitate monitoring of your everyday food/beverage intake and movement, the app is using simple units, total amount of which is dependent on your height, weight, age and gender. This guides you towards a healthy, persistant and steady weight loss if adhered to week after week. It is an effortless way to keep a diary to monitor a balanced diet.

  Check out our fun video on Youtube! Or watch a demo before you download!

It costs only 2,69 , get it HERE (for Apple) and HERE (for Android)!