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category: Savory pastries, user: annemaria

Potato tortilla

nameAmount g / ml
Kartul, keedetud800
Ă•li, keskmiselt20
Herned, värsked, keedetud, külmutatud200
Muna, toores330
Kohupiim, maitsestamata, 0,1%100
Kreeka jogurt 0%
Roheline sibul50

1. Cut boiled potatoes into pieces, chop onions and garlic. 2. Bake potatoes, onions and garlic with oil. 3. Add frozen peas. 4. Whisk the eggs, season with salt and pepper and pour it to the potato-mix. 5. Let the bottom of tortilla brown nicely. 6. Then put tortilla into 200-degrees Celsius oven and bake for 20 minutes. 7. For dressing: mix quark with yoghurt, season with salt and pepper, add chopped spring onions. 8. Serve tortilla with quark-yoghurt dressing.

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