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category: Salads, user: annemaria

Shrimp and egg salad

nameAmount g / ml
Muna, keedetud200
Jogurt, maitsestamata, 2,5%150
Majonees, 3%80
Krevetid, konserveeritud soolvees, vedelikuta100

4 portions 10 units; 1 portion 2,5 units. 4 boiled eggs 150 ml unflavoured yoghurt 80 g light mayonnaise ½ lemon`s zest salt, pepper 1 red paprika 1 yellow paprika 1 green paprika 4 tomatoes 2 celery 100 g shrimps small handful of arugula 1. Cut boiled eggs into sectors 2. For dressing mix yoghurt with mayonnaise, season with lemon zest, salt and pepper 3. Cut paprikas, celery and tomatoes into little pieces, add shrimps 4. Mis dressing with salad and let it set about 15 minutes 5. Rip arugula pieces and mix with salad before serving. 6. Decorate salad with egg sectors

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