Ingrid -12,3kg

Ingrid -12,3kg

Name: Ingrid

Age: 52

Height:  163

Starting weight: 81,7 kg

Current weight: 69,4 kg

Total weightloss: 12,3 kg (in 5 months)

Ingrid's success story:

My wish to start weight started when my weight was at absolute highest - I weighed 81,7 kg at my 163 cm height. I was worried about my increasing weight, but couldn't decide how to solve this problem. I tried to reduce my eating, but this didn't result in any weightloss. Internet is full of suggestions how to loose weight, and improve your health with proper eating. I read about lots of different possibilities, but always put the starting off to the next day. What bothered me the most was not being able to find suitable clothes in the shop, nothing looked good on me.

Finally I realised that there's only one way to loose weight - it has to be long lasting so that my health wouldn't suffer. I chose to join FigureFriends. I didn't have to wait long to see results - in 5 months I have lost 12,3kg and I keep on working towards my goal weight of 64 kg. It's not that hard, you have to get used to keeping a food logging diary and if portion sizes and everything else is in order, your weight will drop. I like loosing weight in a relaxed pace, this avoids problems that could come with quick weightloss. Some people complain that eating healthy food is expensive, but I feel that by not buying unneeded things I'm saving money. 

I've learned not to be scared of the scales, because decreasing weight figure is a motivation, and sometimes you can fix a little plus on the next day. I feel I haven't given up anything to be slimmer, you simply need to eat less and more healthy food. In the end, it all starts in your head, and once you have made your decision, you simply need to move ahead with it!