Inga -24kg

Inga -24kg


Age: 35

Height:  158 cm

Starting weight: 84 kg

Current weight: 60 kg

Total weight loss: 24 kg (in 7 months)


Inga's success story:

I've been struggling with my weight all my life. During my studying years, I tried different diets, but none of them gave me long lasting results once the focus was off. I've also had success - before my second child I managed to loose 25kg... But it all came back with pregnancy and stayed! When I weighed 89 kg, I started loosing weight on my own but doing it alone and quietly, didnt give me much results. Of course -5kg is also something, and it stayed off! But then I decided that I can't managed on my own, and I joined FigureFriends, and decided to do this properly. 

My starting weight was 84kg. Beginning was hard and confusing, but once I got the understanding of the units' system, thing went easier. I haven't been forced to give up anything! It's all about quantity and of course meal planning. Not eating only once a day - in other words snacking all day long! As I work as a baker, I was concerned at first, how I will manage with having to taste my creations. But it all worked out fine, fortunately I didn't have any weight plateaus. 

My goal at first was 64 kg, but as I reached it, I changed the plan a little. I kept loosing weight until it felt comfortable to me without chasing any number on the scales. Now my weight changes between 59-60 kg and I'm very pleased. It's an amazing feeling to go to shops and find clothes that look good without much effort! And of course I don't stop praising myself. You have to be positive - start with changing your thinking! You have to figure out for yourself what you want and why. It all starts in the head, even loosing weight!