Imbi -15kg

Imbi -15kg

Name: Imbi

Age: 47

Height: 160 cm

Starting weight: 71 kg

Current weight: 56 kg

Total weight loss: 15 kg (in 7 months)


Imbi's success story:

I’ve been at a healthy weight all my life and never had to fight with excess kilos. True, I couldn’t allow myself everything and in big portions, but in moderation, everything was normal. When kilos started to pile up and I couldn’t fit into my clothes, in only about 5-6 years, I told myself that’s there’s no problem, there’s plenty of bigger clothes in the shops. There were a few moments of terror when I passed a mirror that showed the real truth. Another comforting line to myself: „round“ is a shape also, and escape from the mirror.

One summer day we were at the beach with family friends, spending good time, swimming and of course eating. One of my friends made some pictures and that was the start of the real world for me: it was true Garfield looking back at me on the photos, only stripes were missing! In the beginning, losing weight was my only thought, I knew that if I don’t do it for myself, no one else will. I didn’t think of Figure friends then.

Situation changed the day when one for my friends joined Figure Friends and I visited her a few days later. Probably the timing was perfectly right for me as I made my decision to join Figure Friends instantly. That was the beginning of my slimming story! In hindsight I can say that the saying “there’s a time for everything” is very true. My time had come, my colleagues noticed my slimmer figure only after summer holidays and then I also realized, that I had made it. A few of my friends also got inspired from my weight loss achievement and joined Figure Friends. Probably the difference between my previous and current self was that impressive.

I have to say, that I had almost no setbacks on my journey. There were a few short standstills, but I managed to overcome them quickly with support from my mentor. I wouldn’t say it was difficult and horrible time. I’ve now kept my eating healthy and my weight has nicely stayed at my goal weight. 


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