Olga -13kg

Olga -13kg

Name: Olga

Age: 33

Height: 160 cm

Starting weight: 70.4 kg

Current weight:  57.4 kg

Total weight loss: 13 kg (in 5 months)


Olga's success story:

I'm 33 year old woman, mother of 4 children. My weight started to daise after the birth of my third child, and I could not get it down anymore. After my fourth child was one year old, I tried to start losing weight on my own, but I couldn't managed. I couldn't fit into my clothes, feeling was depressive. One of my friends convinced me to join in a project that meant working out and joining Figure Friends. I was very sceptical when I learned Figure Friends' principles at first - you need to eat to loose weight!

Our support group was very good, supportive and helped always find the reason for setbacks. I am very satisfied and happy about my end result, because with a nice make-up, harido and dress I look again good and slim. Looking back, I worked out 2-3 times a week, followed eating principles and the results came. I'm very happy that I joined this project and Figure Friends, without it I would have not achieved this!