Viktoria -27kg

Viktoria -27kg


Name: Viktoria

Age: 36 

Height: 172 cm

Starting weight: 106 kg

Current weight: 79 kg

Total weightloss: 27 kg (in 8 months)



Viktoria's success story:

I started my journey of slimming many times, I tried different diets and even starvation, but stable and lasting results I achieved when following Figure Friends food program and exercising. Sounds very familiar, but selfdiscipline helps a lot, as at some point slimming can become very routine.

I joined Figure Friends about 2,5 years ago. Their support was priceless and materials straightforward and easy to use. Weeks passed and excess kilos disappeared as if by magic, compliments kept on coming. In about 6 months I lost total of 21 kilos and in another 2 months I had to change all of my wardrobe! It was a wonderful feeling to choose clothes size 38 in the shop, I didn't even look at the bigger ones! It was great feeling young and beautiful. This new figure needed work, but it was all worth it.

Now two years later I weigh even less, altogether I have lost 27kg, but I have still not reached my end goal. I want to challenge myself and lose a total of 35kg!

I wish everyone good luck and believe in yourself!


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