Liilia -24,9kg

Liilia -24,9kg


Name: Liilia

Age: 34

Height: 167 cm

Starting weight: 93,7 kg

Current weight: 73 kg

Total weight loss: 24,9 kg (in 11 months)


Liilia's success story:

The beginning of my success story is probably familiar to lots of people. I've never been too slim, rather I've always been overweight. I comforted myself saying that I'm a regular country girl with „big bones“. After finishing high-school I lost 20 kilograms by keeping a diet. But I didn't change my lifestyle and all that weight came back, plus a little extra. After having my three wonderful children I had to carry all that excess weight and additions from my pregnancies. I accepted it contently as something that cannot be changed, at least that's what other people saw. Inside me I was never happy with myself, I avoided mirrors and clothes shops as much as I possibly could.

In hindsight losing weight was not that hard, complicated part was getting on track. I waited long to start, because I needed to be ready internally. When I started, the weight dropped easily, without too much effort. Of course I had a few setbacks, but changing your lifestyle can't happen overnight! I have always loved cooking and baking, now my foods have become more lighter. At the same time I still make heartier meals for my kids. My mother has been concerned many times if I eat anything at all or only drink water. I have started to love vegetables and drinking water is as natural as breathing for me. I enjoy lighter meals and different tastes and flavors.

Don't worry mom, I eat everything that I like and that's good for me. I even allow myself a piece of candy sometimes!


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