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Name: Aljona

Age: 28

Height: 166,5 cm

Starting weight: 91,4 kg

Current weight: 65 kg

Total weightloss: 26,5 kg (in 7 months)




​My success story started the day I planned to go for a walk with my baby, and couldn't fit into my sixe 44 sports clothes. I decided that I will not go to the shop to buy size 46 clothes, that day I didn't go for a walk at all.

I sat in front of my computer and noticed an add by FigureFriends. I've never believed in such things, but then I remembered that my sister managed to slim down years ago with balanced eating. Her results were obvious! Without too much thought I called my sister, got all details from her and declared a war against my excess kilograms, which were plentyful. The same evening I composed a new menu for myself and started following it. During first week I lost already 2,1kg! That was a great incentive to move forward.

And so I stepped or more accurately ran towards my ideal, and could see results in just a few weeks. 7 months passed and my size 44 has changed to 36. I've lost 26,5kg! I believe my success is a result of my own efforts, and the support I've recieved from my mentor and support group. People who work towards a common goal are 100 times stronger and more successful! Thank you all who have supported me!


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