Summer salad for grilled meat

Summer salad for grilled meat

10 servings ; 1 serving 

1 kg watermelon

1 fresh long cucumber

2 grapefruits

300 g grapes

1 red onion

2 avocados

lemon juice

150 g different kind of lettuce (lollo rosso, rucola, iceberg lettuce etc)



3 tbsp (40 g) rapeseed oil

2 tbsp liquid honey

1 tsp mustard

1-2 tbsp wine vinegar

1 tbsp poppy seeds 

salt, roughly ground black pepper



  1. Peel and dice watermelon, remove seeds.

  2. Cut cucumber in half lenghtwise, scoop out seeds with a spoon, slice.

  3. Peel grapes, remove skins and cut into pieces.

  4. Cut grapes in half, deseed if needed.

  5. Peel and slice onion.

  6. Peel avocados, remove stones, cut into pieces and sprinkle with little bit of lemon juice.

  7. Tear salad leaves into smaller pieces.

  8. Mix sauce ingredients with eachother and flavor. Place salad ingredients into a glass bowl in layers and pour over with sauce, or mix immediately. 

  9. Enjoy! Perfect to be served with grilled meat. 


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