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Figure Friends provides an online service dedicated to helping you to lose weight safely and at a steady pace, while improving your quality of life and aiding to develop new, healthier habits. Our program has been developed over the course of many years together with nutritional scientists. Our diet and exercise recommendations are reliable and beneficial for your health and also practical - easy to follow, scientifically proven and psychologically supportive. In addition, we help you to maintain your target weight once it has been achieved by facilitating the enforcement of beneficial habits.
The program is easy to follow and makes sense. In purposeful weight loss the crucial aspect is to reduce the intake of energy in a way that does not disrupt the sensitive balance of essential nutrients and minerals. This balance is vital in maintaining a sense of well being, high activity levels and undisrupted metabolism. We have converted food and beverages into units in accordance with the energy content and nutritional balance. Depending on the height, weight, age, gender, lifestyle and so on, each participant will have a customised number of units allowed per day that has been calculated to facilitate steady and safe weight loss. You set your own target weight and we will aid you to achieve it! 
No miracles. Losing weight and changing your habits takes lots of dedication, willpower and work. It can be achieved though. And we will stand by you every step of the way.
A very important part of our program is maintaining a food diary. It is most helpful in keeping track of energy consumed and spent and gives you better control. Our online service provides you with easy-to-follow instructions, menus, food diary, and extensive food and beverage database. You will have a chance to interact with your peers or ask advice from our nutritionists. You may even add your own favourite recipes to the site to be shared with others.
We are helping to keep you motivated! You will have to set your target weight and adhere to the program. You will do it at your own pace and the way that feels most convenient for you. We will support you in your quest.
So, give it a try! After all, all you can lose is your weight!


We also have good news for all iPhone and Android users. A new Figure Friends app is a playfully easy way to keep track of calories consumed and burned.

Anytime, anywhere, just open the app in your device, choose the appropriate food or drink and drag it to the plate in the middle. The app does the rest. Also, record all of your movements as exercise can earn you extra units.

Never before has tracking your daily nutrition and exercise regime been so playfully easy!  Download it from here today!



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